Thursday, March 31, 2016

April 01, 2016

Memorial Presbyterian Church

Out of all the beauty and grandeur the lovely 19TH century Venetian-style church has to offer, I found myself fascinated by this model of the original chapel. This coquina structure, built in the early 1830s along St. George Street across from the present-day parish school, was torn down after the new, larger church was dedicated in 1890. So if you would have visited St. Augustine in the Victorian era, all decked out in your bustles and parasols and bowties and bowler hats, and you decided to stroll St. George Street to explore the town’s houses of worship, this is what you would have seen. Though the Memorial church is much grander, this smaller chapel has an air of simple beauty about it.

St. George Street

Usually I try to avoid getting vehicles in my photos, but I think the trolley adds to the flavor of the image. We were standing along pedestrian-only St. George Street, looking down toward Hypolita Street with its unique shops, and there came a Red Train, one of the city’s most famous features. At right is the Columbia Restaurant, while the tree with the vine crawling up its trunk is rather interesting. I love fantasizing about living in (or at least vacationing in) the upper story of the house at left, sitting on the balcony on a cool Florida morning, smelling the salt air and watching the sunrise. (Now I’ve made myself “homesick” again. Great job, me). 

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