Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 04, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios

This scene has so much going for it, I don’t know where to start! First of all, this is called the Rustic Altar, and is a replica of the first primitive altar used at St. Augustine’s founding in September 1565. The backdrop is amazingly beautiful . . . clear blue waters, palms, marshes in the distance. At far left you can see part of the Fountain of Youth Park complex. Most interesting to me is the gravestone at right, as I am a self-proclaimed taphophile and love not only reading the names on stones but researching people’s lives. I went through the entire Find A Grave database to discover the identity of the person, and as close as I can tell, the stone belongs to Maggie Scott, who was the wife of C. Scott and died in November 1890 just before her 20TH birthday. If anyone has visited this stone and knows whether or not it is indeed Maggie Scott’s, feel free to let me know in the comments.

St. George Street

If you love watching historical interpreters do things old-school, Colonial Quarter’s the place for you! (Honestly, they didn’t pay me to write that . . . I’m just being cheesy). Here you can see a 16TH century-style caravel rising from the ground, nail by nail, plank by plank. Fascinating stuff. I wouldn’t recommend pestering the workers if any happen to be on hand, but they’re glad to answer questions. The plaque at right explains the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the project. And no, they probably won’t let anyone just walk in and start hammering away without a care in the world, though I admit it would probably cross my mind.

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