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March 11, 2016

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 Castillo de San Marcos

This old fort is a photographer’s paradise, a hodgepodge of angles and symmetry. This particular room was part of the old officers’ quarters and, in an earlier incarnation, functioned as the Castillo’s first chapel. (The current chapel is located across the courtyard and to the right). I happen to think the modern benches cheapen the photo, but having visited during many a heat wave, I can see why they’re necessary. The Spanish well (seen at right) adds a bit more historicity to the photo. If you’re wondering about the door on the right, it’s now called the Indian Room and was used in Spanish times as a provisions room.

Fountain of Youth

Here’s another view of the Spanish-style mission church built at the Fountain of Youth Park a few years back. I love the simplicity of the benches and the similar color and texture of the wall, as well as the old-fashioned lantern hanging overhead. (You can see the bottom of it in this shot). I’m not sure how long church services were in the late 1500s, but I can imagine folks sitting on these benches wished they were just a little shorter. 

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