Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 26, 2017

St. Augustine Beach

A beautiful spring day is a great time for people-watching. Here we observe a few intrepid beachcombers braving the chill wind beneath the beach pier while the waves rush in. I could honestly stand and watch the ocean for an hour, and I think most people reading this would probably agree. There’s just something about the sight and sound and smell of the infinite horizon and the crashing waves that brings such peace. My only advice is if you’re wearing sandals like I was, make sure the sand doesn’t rub the bottoms of your feet. Ouch.

Matanzas Bay

This view of Matanzas Bay from an observation deck at Castillo de San Marcos also shows part of the Mission Nombre de Dios grounds. The tall gold cross can be seen at top left, while the bridge at top right is the Usina Bridge and leads to Vilano Beach. Note the gentle ripples, the clusters of clams along the shore . . . there’s also a private dock, a stand of palm trees, and a whole lot of beautiful.

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