Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 03, 2017

Castillo de San Marcos

If you were a British soldier at the Castillo between 1763 and 1784, this would be your “home base.” This room, known quite aptly as the British Room, shows what life was like for these men. Don’t go thinking that this is pretty roomy considering how many men had to lodge in the Castillo during the British years . . . multiple soldiers would have shared both the top and bottom bunk. The informative markers are a great way to learn about what you’re seeing, and are visually interesting as well.

Fountain of Youth

What I like about this view of a Timucua Indian structure is that the lighting makes it appear almost as if everything is covered in a thin layer of snow. Even the sand on the floor resembles fresh white powder. Considering this is Florida, barring an unusual weather event this is probably the closest “snow” picture I’m likely to see. On a more serious note, I love these historical reconstructions. Kudos to the Fountain of Youth Park for expanding their offerings so immensely. I first visited in 2001, and though it was still lovely, the place wasn’t nearly as informative, interesting, or beautiful as it is now!

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