Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 10, 2017

Mission Nombre de Dios

The colors of Florida: Blue-green waters beneath a bright blue sky. This is the Matanzas River, named for the massacre of Protestant Frenchmen in autumn 1565. The sleek bridge in the distance is the Usina Bridge which leads to Vilano Beach. The grove of trees at far left is part of the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. Standing at this spot and watching the water ripple in the salty breeze is one of my favorite Florida pastimes.

St. George Street

Not only will you see a great deal of Spanish architecture in St. Augustine, but you’ll also catch a few glimpses of Moorish design as well. This balcony on the “modern” end of St. George Street is an example of that. Be on the lookout for St. Augustine’s many architectural styles. They never fail to delight the eye.

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