Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 24, 2016

Castillo de San Marcos

This is the entrance to the old powder magazine. Unlike the majority of the Castillo’s chambers which were renovated in the mid-1700s, this particular room dates from about 1675. In “days of yore” it contained a ladder which led to the gun deck, making it easier for soldiers to heave barrels of gunpowder and other essentials to San Carlos Bastion. This room is always a bit eerie for some reason, and it has nothing to do with the supernatural . . . small, narrow, and damp, it shows its age.

Mission Nombre de Dios

One of the most interesting features of the Mission are the multiple religious monuments scattered here and there, and all have a particular significance. The structure shown below is known as the Our Lady of Perpetual Help shrine, a quaint and peaceful place even for those who don’t practice the Catholic faith. It brings to mind the old wooden churches of Norway (at least to me) and offers a glimpse into a different style of religious art than is usually seen in St. Augustine.

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