Thursday, June 30, 2016

July 01, 2016

Fountain of Youth

Here we see one of the fascinating features of the Fountain of Youth park: A 260-year-old cannon just sitting at the edge of the path for history-lovers to enjoy. As the sign states, this particular piece is believed to have been part of the Castillo’s haul, and now sits here in its unassuming place for folks to admire. If you love tales of pirates and soldiers and adventure, just imagine what action this piece saw is a worthy pastime.

St. George Street

This is one of the interactive workshops at Colonial Quarter. Note the Spanish colonial weapons and helmets, as well as the piece of chainmail lying on the table. This scene is straight out of the 17TH century. Closer inspection reveals a plethora of other items, some of which I can’t identify, and the place has a strangely homey feel despite the destruction these items would have dealt out. The window at right makes the place welcoming. Unfortunately there were no costumed interpreters here at the moment, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place to yourself.

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