Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 27, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios

Sun dappling through the trees is a common sight on the Mission grounds. At right stands the bell tower, which, despite not being fond of loud and sudden noises, I always find to be a pleasant surprise. At left is one of many religious monuments depicting a portion of Christ’s life. Also at left, you can see the La Leche chapel peeking through the greenery. There may not be much to do here, but there’s a lot to see.

St. George Street

As I’ve probably said before, the De Mesa-Sanchez House, which can be visited as part of the Colonial Quarter tour, is one of my favorite places along St. George Street. Chockfull of history from top to bottom, it’s a beautifully-appointed historic home whose age can be smelled and felt, and this time there was a new attraction --- loads of historical clothing displays. I have no idea why the mannequins were headless, but it’s kind of creepy. And given the fact that this house is supposed to be haunted, it kind of suited the mood.

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