Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 13, 2016

Orange Street

For some reason I love this shot. At far left is the corner of the “Santo Domingo Redoubt”, a reconstruction of a portion of St. Augustine’s 19TH century defenses. The fort sign is relatively new and adds a sort of charm to the scene. In the background is the old Huguenot Cemetery also known as the Protestant Burying Ground which dates from 1821. (I have to wonder how old these trees are . . . not that old, but who knows what they’ve witnessed? Burials took place here until 1884). Just out of view at far right is the Castillo de San Marcos. During the “olden days”, this place was outside the City Gates, and you certainly didn’t want to be caught outside the gates after curfew. Even if unfriendly Natives didn’t get you, the alligators, mosquitoes, and wild animals might.

Avenida Menéndez

The folks in St. Augustine have really beautified the bay-front at the head of the Bridge of Lions (see the flowers and decorative pots at far left). One of the famous lions can be seen here. (Either “Faithful” or “Firm” . . . I don’t know them apart :-)) The Bridge of Lions opened in 1927 and save for some periods of construction has taken the cake as the city’s prettiest bridge. Heading over this thoroughfare will get you to Anastasia Island, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Alligator Farm, and many other sites of interest.

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