Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 08, 2016

 St. Photios Greek Orthodox Shrine

St. Photios is one of those places where you can find peace even if you espouse a different faith, or none at all. There’s just something intrinsically comforting about the beautifully-painted walls, the shrine and its flickering candles, the slow-paced, spiritual atmosphere. If you go, make sure to check out the details on the murals as well as the various historical exhibits. The shrine gift shop offers many unique gifts based on the Greek Orthodox tradition. As an added bonus, if you like exploring old houses, this structure known as the Avero House was built around 1748.  

St. Augustine Lighthouse

This is just one of the Lighthouse complex’s many exhibits, and shows a model of the original lighthouse which guided ships at sea until the 1870s. This first lighthouse began as a Spanish structure and was gradually enlarged. When the new lighthouse was constructed, the original one became defunct, and was destroyed by the wash of the tide less than a decade later. 

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