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January 01, 2016

**I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2016!**

Castillo de San Marcos

You can find some pretty great views from the Castillo gun deck. Here we see part of the moat and its retaining wall, as well as the “Glacis” and “Covered Way” (levels of defenses). The palm-log wall is the reconstructed Cubo Line. The original was built in the 1700s and helped protect the town. You can see part of the City Gate peeking through the trees at top left, and also visible are the Huguenot Cemetery  (top center) and the visitor center (top right). As you can see, there are no guard rails across the cannon embrasures, so make sure you don’t take a tumble.

Fountain of Youth

Here we see part of a canoe such as the ones used by Timucuan Indians before and during the Spanish arrival in 1565. All of the informative displays at the Fountain of Youth, and the grounds in general, are beautifully manicured and create aesthetic interest. The combination of sand-colored stones and wooden planks really sets the canoe apart from its surroundings. The marker explains the history and usage of Timucuan transportation.

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