Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 22, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios


You can tell just by looking at this photo that the Mission is a peaceful place. I especially like the shaft of sunlight highlighting the trees, and the tombstones that, instead of being eerie, are somehow serene. I highly recommend that visitors take the time to read the gravestones and maybe do some further research on the lives and stories of the people buried here.

St. George Street

I’m not certain, but it looks as if the old mill-wheel at Mill Top Tavern is made of coquina, that special seashell composite of which so many structures in St. Augustine are built. According to the sign, the wheel dates from 1947 but was rebuilt in 1996. It’s nice to sit here and watch the water rippling. That water, interestingly, is a bright algae green (or at least was when I last visited) which makes the scene strangely aesthetic.

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