Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015

Castillo de San Marcos 

The most amazing part about this picture is that there’s no one there. Seriously. The “Old Fort” is quite a popular spot, but the national monument had just opened for the day and we were some of the first visitors to enter the gate. I loved the emptiness; it felt as if we had the place all to ourselves, and since that’s so rare, I remember it as being a really enjoyable experience. We could wander at will, take pictures without people unintentionally photo-bombing, and ask questions without having to vie for costumed interpreters’ attention.

Ocean near Fort Matanzas

This here, ladies and germs, is quintessential Florida. I go for the history, but I also love watching the ocean, meandering down the boardwalks, mesmerizing myself with the gently-swaying sea grasses . . . now I want to go back again. :-) This particular spot is located near Fort Matanzas (across the road) and was pretty empty when we visited. I never get tired of the ocean air and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Does anyone? It seems to be a typical human reaction, feeling peace and even awe in the presence of the mighty ocean. You don’t have to be a beachgoer; just standing there is enough. Ah, St. Augustine.

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