Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 03, 2015

Memorial Presbyterian Church

As fascinated as I am with the much-maligned French Huguenots both in Europe and in Florida during the 16th century, I was quite pleased to find this Huguenot cross banner inside St. Augustine’s Memorial Presbyterian Church. (I do love finding reference to these tragic souls; please check out my memorial page for the victims of the Matanzas massacre if you haven't already).I don't know the story behind this banner but I'm sure glad someone cared enough to put it there!

St. George Street

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse is one of the historic district’s most interesting buildings in my opinion. Built sometime in the late 1700s with handmade nails and cypress boards, it was a classroom for many years, the last class going on their merry way in 1864. (Though considering the nation was in the throes of war, I doubt their way was very merry). Today you can still tour the tiny building and purchase a memento from the gift shop next door. The property also offers other gems, such as display cases with artifacts, an old detached kitchen, and a pecan tree which had lorded over the grounds since before the American Revolution.

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