Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 22, 2015

Mission Nombre de Dios

Folks who have visited Mission Nombre de Dios invariably notice that it’s not just a peaceful attraction but also a cemetery of sorts, marked by the more than 100 graves scattered throughout the grounds. Five markers can be seen on this photo. The grave at far left is that of William Andreu (1826 ~ 1891). In the left foreground is the marker of Arthur Blanchard (1890 ~ 1892). The large white cracked stone at left memorializes Rosa L. Snowden (1862 ~ 1889). The middle stone in the background is that of Hattie Snowden (Jan 1889 ~ Aug 1889, daughter of Rosa and her husband J. D.) Not only is this a reverent place, but the lagoon and bridge also provide a beautiful backdrop.
St. George Street

This old-fashioned view is actually of a bedroom inside the De Mesa-Sanchez House, part of Colonial Quarter on St. George Street. The house is decorated to look much as it did in the 1830s (the bottom part of the home dates from before the 1760s while the top floor was built and enlarged throughout the 1700s and 1800s).Take note of the rope-bed (“sleep tight” indeed) and the unique wooden door. Out in the hallway is a design painted on the floor to resemble a rug. The De Mesa-Sanchez House is a terrific side trip if you love history, and fascinating even if you don’t.

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