Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 08, 2015

Tolomato Cemetery

This old cemetery dates from the 1700s and is one of St. Augustine’s fascinating historic burial grounds. Because I really enjoy studying such places, I thought it would be interesting to pick a random handful of people buried at Tolomato and breathe their names to life again. Let’s remember Antonia M. Sabate Arnau (born 20 Sep 1788, died 28 Aug 1829), Lucas Creyon (an Irishman, born 1785, died 21 Oct 1821), Sebastián Étien (French, born 1736, died 09 Dec 1787), Catherina Babbes Llambias (born 1728 in Spain, died 1800), Bartolo A. Masters (born 15 Sep 1825, d. 06 Dec 1865, a Civil War veteran), and Christianna Bradford O’Sullivan (born 18 Mar 1816, died 05 Oct 1841). If you have a moment, maybe you could try and learn something about these folks.

St. George Street

There are so many ways in which old St. Augustine shows it charm; this is just one of them. This beautiful fountain is located at the “back” entrance to St. George Street, near St. George Inn. The old clock in the background is nice too. Imagine just sitting here with some Whetstone’s Chocolates, enjoying the warm sea breeze, listening to the seagulls overhead . . . trust me, even if you’ve just returned from vacation, you’ll want to go again, like, now. And that bench in the left background looks pretty inviting too . . . 

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