Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 09, 2017

St. George Street

This place right here is a shopper’s paradise. It’s also a history lover’s dreamland, as there are many historical homes both original and recreated. And you can’t go wrong with using palm trees to frame photos. No matter the weather (and here it was about to rain, or so we thought; fate smiled kindly upon us and there wasn’t so much as a sprinkle), St. George Street is a great place and a major staple of St. Augustine’s tourist industry. Some people find it kitschy; I must respectfully disagree. Great food, terrific shopping, beautiful homes, graceful palms, a nice walk, and history around every corner. Sounds good to me.

Anastasia State Park

After walking on the beach, we took a quick little drive around Anastasia State Park (admission isn’t cheap, mind you, so if you come here you’ll want to make sure there are things that interest you so it’ll be worth your money) and saw these sandy dunes rising in the distance. Notice the palm frond at top right and the inviting bench along the road. There are always lots of people trekking around the island, but not a single person in this shot. It was a beautiful bright day and perfect weather, and I could have stayed a lot longer if I hadn’t been raring to get back into town and see all the sights. St. Augustine will keep you busy, no matter your interests. 

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