Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

Castillo de San Marcos

On the west gun deck between Baluarte de San Pedro (Saint Peter’s Bastion) and Baluarte de San Pablo you can find a fascinating array of historical artillery. Make sure to take the time to read the inscriptions; the often tell a story. Please don’t be “that person” who places their small child inside the mortars. (Yes, I’ve seen pictures of people doing this). I really wouldn’t suggest sticking your hand inside, either. Not only are there folks who think this is a trash receptacle, but you might be disturbing a birds’ nest. That aside, enjoy the guns. They’re pretty great.

St. George Street

Once upon a time, in another incarnation, the wonderful Spanish Bakery restaurant behind Whetstone’s Factory Outlet at St. George Street was the Jorge Salcedo house’s kitchen. This old fireplace hints at that historic past. When you’re waiting in line for empanadas, fresh-baked colonial-style bread rolls, homemade cookies, or piccadillo, you might not even notice this little gem of history tucked back inside the tiny kitchen. Always make sure to keep your eyes peeled in St. Augustine. You’re sure to notice a ton of things you never noticed before.

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