Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 30, 2016

Castillo de San Marcos

One of the most interesting rooms at Castillo de San Marcos is St. Mark’s Chapel. The benches seen in this photo have since been removed, but give you an idea of the room’s original purpose. The white framed “portrait” at left is actually the remains of an 18TH century Holy Water font, delicate and Baroque in design. You can still see a hint of red on the walls near the floor; the Park Service believes this room was painted in bright reds and golds during the Spanish occupation.

Fountain of Youth

On a rainy day the Timucua Indian structures at the Fountain of Youth Park serve another purpose besides being informative and educational . . . they offer much-needed shelter! Unfortunately, the Florida skies are quite temperamental, with one day being sunny and 83 degrees and the next being rainy and possibly in the 50s. I’ve even visited when temperatures dipped into the 30s and broke Florida’s freeze record. On this particular day it was raining fast enough to be a nuisance, and I enjoyed ducking inside. You could just imagine the Native Americans enjoying dreary weather from within their dark and cozy dwellings.

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