Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 18, 2016

Bridge of Lions

One of St. Augustine’s many beautiful structures, the Bridge of Lions, was constructed in 1927. Even when you’re forced to sit in your car and wait for the bridge to go up so the sailboats and pirate ships and yachts can go through, you don’t really mind because of the fantastic views of the bay and the 17TH century Castillo. This view was taken from Monterey Inn Bayfront, which is now a Best Western.
Old Jail

The Old Jail can be either hokey or educational depending on your personal interests and your definition of a fun time. Here we see a cage such as the one criminals would have been forced to inhabit in days of yore. The stocks are a great photo op . . . child-size at left, adult-size at right. For some reason I really like the tropical-colored house in the right background; it just screams Florida to me!

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