Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 11, 2016

** Happy Veterans Day! A huge thank-you to all our veterans, past and present! **

Castillo de San Marcos

 On the outside looking in. Here is the entrance to the “Indian Room” (the first room on the west wall, used as a provisions room for much of its existence) seen from the former chapel on the south wall.  If you look carefully you can tell that this doorway was recently redone, as the coquina blocks are a new, pale color. Over time they will fade to the same grayish color as the rest of the Castillo.

Mission Nombre de Dios

This little gazebo is located on the Mission grounds very near the chapel of La Leche. It’s so peaceful on a quiet day --- unless the bells happen to be ringing --- as you look out over the landscape. You could even use the gazebo as a place of meditation if the chapel happens to be occupied and you'd prefer not to share a private moment with strangers. Actually, if you’re a person of faith but not of the Catholic variety, this may be your choice anyway. You certainly don’t have to be religious to enjoy the Mission grounds, though. It’s such a lovely and peaceful place for each and every visitor.

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