Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 23, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios

Cool breeze. Sparkling lagoon. Shadows and shade. Quaint fences. Peace and quiet. It doesn’t really matter that there’s not much to do but walk and look and enjoy, because that’s plenty. No matter the weather, there’s really not a bad time to be here (unless it’s during a thunderstorm . . . not too fun). Blue skies are best, of course, so if you’re visiting the grounds and you happen to have them, make sure to take full advantage!

Colonial Quarter

Here at Colonial Quarter there are many activities, but my favorite one is just taking my legs from place to place and checking out the displays and artifacts. I believe this particular building is part of the British Colonial section, and showcases items from that era. The framed image at bottom left is a silhouette, and the folks at the museum will create one for you or your loved one for a fee. Looking out the windows, I’m shocked that I managed to get a shot without any people. Colonial Quarter is frequented by families, bus-loads of schoolkids, and folks in historical garb. Regarding the historical garb, that’s my kind of place. :-)

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