Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 02, 2016

González-Alvarez or “Oldest” House

The original González portion of the house didn’t always look like this. In the early to mid 1700s it was a small coquina cottage with a couple of rooms, then after British owners moved in, they decided to expand. I believe I heard that the palm tree at left is at least 200 years old, but I'm not certain. Notice the differing width of windows on the top story. I’d really like to just sit on that bench awhile and ponder the González clan who walked upon this very ground when many of my ancestors were still living in Europe . . .

St. George Street

This is the Salcedo house, a great example of St. Augustine’s colonial architecture. I’d love to live here, and not just because it’s a charming home with a balcony where I could watch the Florida sunrise. No, the main reason I’d live here is because just through that door on the left is Whetstone’s Chocolate factory outlet, where they have some amazing treats. So let’s recap: quaint house, lovely balcony, walls full of history, no traffic allowed on the street, and a candy shop downstairs. Yep. Sounds pretty good to me.

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