Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 15, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios

This is one of my “artsy” shots of Nombre de Dios. I stood just outside the La Leche shrine and managed to get palm trees, Spanish moss, and the picturesque chapel windows complete with stained glass all in one shot. It helped that the sun rays fell in such a way that the illuminated some areas and left others in shadow; oh, there are also a few glowing candles visible through the left window. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to disturb the folks praying and reading inside, so I had to content myself with views through the windows and the open door.

St. George Street

I’ve mentioned on many of my Fountain of Youth posts how I love to watch and listen to the peacocks that freely roam the ground. Imagine my surprise at finding a stylized peacock inside the St. Photios Greek Orthodox shrine on St. George Street! I’m not sure of the symbolism, but this particular image definitely livened up the spot. Just to the left was the beautiful ‘inner sanctum’ featuring religious paintings, historical objects, and the altar itself. Be warned that if you don’t come from a Catholic or Orthodox tradition (which I don’t) the smell of incense and chanting in a foreign language might not be your thing. Still, the ambiance is pleasant, and the shrine is definitely worth a look.

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