Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 12, 2016

Mission Nombre de Dios

Ah, another beautiful scene at the Mission. I believe this is very near the site of the original 17TH century Spanish chapel which was discovered a few years ago and is now memorialized by an archaeological marker. If I remember correctly, the small boat seen at left was actually in the process of taking on water (hopefully there was no one on board). The distant trees at left are part of the Fountain of Youth park, while the much more modern Usina Bridge which leads to Vilano Beach can be seen at center. 

St. George Street

If you love historic houses and have a fondness for model sailing ships, you  might want to check out the De Mesa-Sanchez House on St. George Street. (It can only be toured during a visit to Colonial Quarter). Not only is the house amazingly appointed and a veritable step back in time, but this beauty is just one more perk. Note: I'm uncertain if this ship is still being displayed in the house, but it was there during my visits of 2014 and 2015). I like the simple yet elegant rug and old-fashioned furniture, which help to set the scene. 

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