Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 05, 2016

Anastasia State Park

There are many places in and near St. Augustine where you can enjoy the ocean, and Anastasia State Park offers its own unique take. (The entrance fee seems rather high if you’re intending on just driving around a little, seeing the ocean, and going back, but that’s just my personal opinion). This photo is one of my favorite Florida shots. I think the wooden railing has been placed here just as much to keep folks off the dunes as to provide an aesthetic setting; though you can’t see the ocean on this picture, the variety of focal points --- the dune, the boardwalk itself, the beach fence, the tall grasses --- makes up for it, I think.

Trinity Episcopal Church

It’s nearly impossible to get a good photo of Trinity Episcopal Church while on the move, but somehow fate smiled on me and I managed to snap one. This church was originally constructed in the early 1830s and was enlarged throughout the late 19TH and early 20TH centuries. Interestingly, the Episcopalians were the first Protestants in Florida, with many believers attending makeshift meetings during the British occupation between 1763 and 1784. After Florida became an American territory in 1821, other denominations set up roots as well.

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