Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 27, 2015

St. Augustine Beach

There’s something about the ocean that draws all sorts of visitors, even those who, like myself, don’t swim and couldn’t care less about sunbathing. Maybe it’s the power, the beauty, the hypnotizing ebb and tide. Whatever it is, it’s special. No that’s not an orb (or a ghost) in the upper center left of the photo; it’s a reflection from the sun. No, really. If you want ghosts, just head into St. Augustine. (Just kidding. Maybe . . .)

González-Alvarez “Oldest” House

This authentic colonial house is well-worth a visit. With its bottom level constructed around 1728, it’s one of the oldest structures in St. Augustine (ask the British why; a Spanish victory in the siege of 1702 spawned a retaliatory burning which destroyed the entire town, and now you’re lucky to find a hint of that era here and there). The older part of the house dates from the mid-to-late 1700s. It’s fun for me to imagine who walked up those stairs. Did they creak? (I know they creaked when I was there). Did any children spend hours peering from the window? Did any unsteady hands hold onto the wooden railing for dear life? This is the stuff that makes St. Augustine’s history fascinating, the little things. Not just the pirate raids, sieges, hurricanes, and floods . . . everyday life. 

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