Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 20, 2015

Mission Nombre de Dios

The Chapel of La Leche is relatively small, but that’s part of its charm. (Not that it needs a reason . . . it’s the perfect ‘quiet place’ we all crave). You can’t fit a whole football team in here, which is a good thing if you’re aiming for contemplation or even just for a little peace. Though they’re not visible in this photo, on either side of the room are candles dedicated to loved ones, furthering the atmosphere. The small windows provide nice views of the surrounding grounds. I’ve always thought that Nombre de Dios seems not to belong to the rest of St. Augustine, offering tranquility in place of touristy hustle and bustle. That’s another plus.

St. George Street

Here’s just one example of iconic colonial architecture in St. Augustine. This is what makes the town what it is . . . quaint, beautiful, channeling Europe in all the right ways. The flag is a nice touch, and really the only thing reminding you that you haven’t fallen asleep in Florida and woken up in Spain. (Except the store signs are in English, but I digress). I can’t help but wonder who gets to sit up on that balcony and watch the sunrise over the Ancient City. (And yes, I’m hopelessly jealous).

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