Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 23, 2015

Castillo de San Marcos

Here’s an interesting tidbit: All of the bastions at the Castillo are named for saints (Agustín, Carlos, Pablo, and Pedro) and the largest tower, used as a bell-tower in days of yore, has its own separate name. It’s called San Marcos. Originally the same height as the other three towers, and built in the 1670s/80s with the rest of the Castillo, San Marcos tower was rebuilt at a taller height and finished before the siege of St. Augustine in June 1740. The coquina facing looks pretty good for being 275 years old!

Fountain of Youth

Like the Three Stooges? Love peacocks? Then this photo is for you! Some of the best things about the Fountain of Youth Park are these guys, wandering around at will and spreading joy with their beautiful plumage and soulful cries. Here, they’re apparently congregating outside the restrooms on a cool and rainy morning. The two to the left are preening --- “take my picture! Take my picture!” while the guy on the right says “yeah, I don’t think so.”

(c) 2015 St. Augustine Fridays

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