Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 28, 2015

Mission Nombre de Dios

Could there be a more relaxing scene? A beautiful stroll around the Mission grounds, a cool breeze rippling the waves, a bench to sit and collect your thoughts, a few palms waving in the distance . . . (great. Now I miss it again). To your left is the bridge to Vilano Beach, a place with charms all its own. The big pole at right is actually the 208-foot “Great Cross” which is much more striking than it appears on this particular photo.

St. George Street

One of the most iconic spots along St. George Street is the Milltop Tavern water wheel. I was unable to find the background structure’s exact age (it dates from the 19th century) though the wheel itself is thought to have been constructed in the 1930s. This is a great photo op, and there’s some great shopping behind you (along St. George) or in front of you (check out George’s Treasures, fronting San Marco Avenue). From here you also have a great view of the Castillo de San Marcos. (And if you’re into ghost lore, you might find this place interesting as well).

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