Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 21, 2015

Castillo de San Marcos

There’s a lot going on in this photo, and the colors are amazing! It was one of the prettiest days we’ve ever spent at the Castillo. Here you can see the dry moat (bottom), the covered way (middle plain) and the glacis, all bordered by coquina walls. At the top of the photo is the Visitor Information Center. You can see by the difference in color that the majority of the coquina-stone on the gun deck is old, but the block at top left is of a lighter color, indicating it was placed there recently.

Fountain of Youth

Apparently these are real cannon that were dredged up from the depths of the ocean, encrusted with shells and oozing rust. If true, that’s kind of fascinating. Love the aloe, the cactus in the background, the old pots in the right distance, and just the general set-up of this beautiful scene. Don’t touch, but feel free to look all you want . . . these cannon make some great photo-ops. As you can see, it was an overcast day when this photo was taken, which can be a good thing if there’s only a hint of a passing rain-shower and a bad thing if it’s pouring down rain. (I’ve been there for both!).

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