Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 05, 2015

The Ocean

This photo of the Atlantic was taken in the vicinity of Washington Oaks State Gardens and Fort Matanzas. The waters look relatively choppy, but surprisingly I don’t see any people out there enjoying the surf, though I’m sure there were plenty. The strange thing about the St. Augustine beaches is that the weather can change so rapidly from day to day, choppy, calm, overcast, sunny. You might go to the beach on a bright sunny morning and end up fleeing an afternoon of thunder, lightning, and tornado warnings. Ah, Florida.

St. George Street

Here’s an interesting scene from Colonial Quarter, showing life in the 1700s. The colonial-style doll on the trunk helps to complete the picture. If you were lucky enough to visit the “old” Spanish Colonial Quarter (showcasing life only from the Spanish perspective, set in the year 1740) before it became Colonial Quarter (recreating different eras, both Spanish and British) and the new, you’ll remember that this same bed (and same scene!) existed in both. I first visited in 2002. (I know, I know, how time flies . . .) I love the new Colonial Quarter and find it much more engaging. It’s one of our favorite spots along St. George Street.

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