Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 19, 2015

Mission Nombre de Dios

Here we’re standing inside the chapel at Nombre de Dios, looking out the mission-style windows toward the Matanzas River. The strangely-shaped rock monument at left houses a religious carving. If so inclined, it’s best to visit the chapel when you’ll more or less have the place to yourself, as you don’t want to disturb anyone inside and don’t want anyone to disturb you. I can’t stress enough that though this is a Catholic chapel, anyone from any walk of life can take comfort in the ambiance. I like to think this view evokes the days of old Spain, of colonial Florida, and the sunlight dappling through the trees gives a feeling of peace.
St. George Street

In St. Augustine you never really get “lost.” Sometimes you get sidetracked and find cool new streets, but that’s a positive, not a negative. Take this place, for example. You’re just walking down St. George Street, shopping and people-watching to your heart’s content, and now suddenly you have this option to turn right. Down Cuna Street you’ll find Spanish colonial architecture, waving palms and Spanish moss, and, if you’re into British food, a great pub. 

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