Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 10, 2017

Flagler College

I’m not certain, but I believe this Moorish / medieval window is part of the Flagler College complex. St. Augustine’s various styles of architecture are not to be missed, and random bits of prettiness aren’t at all difficult to find. The hint of palm at lower right places this gem in a tropical locale.

St. Photios Greek Orthodox Shrine

Not Orthodox? Not religious? No problem, this is still a stunning place and a nice little hideaway on St. George Street. This beautiful altar is located within the shrine, one of many details that make it a wonderful place to spend some time in contemplation. I believe the gilded book is a Bible inscribed with various colorful images of saints. The altar has an ancient feel, with details which may call to mind the Crusader or Byzantine era. 

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