Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 23, 2015

Mission Nombre de Dios

This peaceful, historic religious haven is a wonderful respite from the business of everyday Saint Augustine. Whether or not you follow a different faith than Catholicism, or none at all, you should definitely find yourself feeling relaxed and peaceful on a stroll through these beautiful grounds. Not only do the Mission grounds host a picturesque little chapel that creates some great photo opportunities, but it’s also a cemetery of sorts . . . history lovers might be interested in researching the names found on the weathered old stones. On this photo you can see the bridge over the Lagoon, a proliferation of Florida palms, and the Prince of Peace Church at left.

St. George Street

This is where history meets tourism, in a good way. Granted, the real die-hard history enthusiasts probably won’t find much of value here aside from the grand old 18TH- and 19TH century homes and their inviting second-story balconies, but if you just want to shop, eat, and enjoy the Florida air, this place is definitely for you. The white building seen at left is part of Colonial Quarter (another attraction you should check out), and the stone building to the right is a chocolate-lover’s paradise. This is the Whetstone’s Chocolates factory outlet store. Just through that door to the right of the Whetstone’s sign is a little alcove that leads to Spanish Bakery. One of my best Florida dining memories is buying a few empanadas and an ice-cold can of Coke, and sitting at those cheery red tables underneath a bower of old shade trees. 

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